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We are open   ​​5 days a week!
Broadway Ave.
Evansville,Indiana 47712


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Welcome to 
The Sutton Tattoo Co.

Tattoo & Piercing​


Since February 2011, the Sutton Tattoo Company is fast becoming a name... not only on the west side, but throughout all of Evansville and the surrounding areas.

     Joshua Sutton, an established local tattoo artist, has created a safe, comfortable, and clean environment for all of your body modification needs.

     You will work with professionally trained artists who not only know all of the technical aspects of performing your tattoo and/or piercing, but are also some of the friendliest faces in town!

     Whether you're only thinking about getting your first tattoo or piercing, or if you are one of our awesome regulars- come down and see us today!

     We'd love to answer and and all your questions, give you a tour, or give you an amazing tattoo or piercing experience, all at the Sutton Tattoo Company!


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